Saturday, February 14, 2009

~a new starting~

Hey everyone! What's up? How's the day? It's getting hot from day to day and I really can't stand in this situation. Anyway, this is my new blog, and it seems to be a little bit different from the one I got last time..

Valentine's Day..
We as a muslim is strictly not allowed to celebrate this day. From the story that I've heard before, this day was created because of the success of a father named St. Valentino in making most of the Muslims changed their religion to christian. I don't know whether this story is true or not, but that's the reason why we are not allowed to celebrate this day. Well, I guess there's nothing to celebrate in this day though.. We can show our love everyday to everyone we want.. If you love yourself, you can feel that everyone loves you and you'll be in love everyday.. Try to live your life to the fullest, and you'll believe in my words..

Study and tests..
Lately, I'd been really tired. I'd not enough rest and not enough sleep, just beacuse there's too much things that I need to do. I need to practise for my college's dinner, need to study for my tests, need to do my assignments and etc.. Sometimes I wish I an escape from all those things and relax my mind. One day is enough for me.. hurm.. Somebody help me please..

Love is in the air.. Everywhere, everytime.. Love can always makes me smile.. :)