Friday, October 1, 2010

~22nd years of my life~


Yup..I'm 22 years n 1 day old now..yesterday was my birth a lot of wishes..really appreciate those..but still, can't be as same n special as we were in our school time..where facebook is still not getting a lot of bday cards n presents during that time..hurm..just wonder, if there is no facebook now, will I still get the same amount of thoughtful wishes as I got yesterday??huhu..whatever it is, I was still happy celebrating my bday in da last semester of uni, where everyone was wishing me having a hpy bday, giving special wishes which had been posted in front of my room's door, and a piece of Tiramisu..n my relationship with my mom was getting's good to have birthday, isn't it? :)

When my sister said 'you can't buy the chemistry', I was thinking bout it..n I found that it's true u, the surrounding in the music room is not as happy as before..I don't know what is going on, or what are the problems..but everyone doesn't have the same chemistry as my seniors and I had myself don't feel really excited to get in there and sing and having fun anymore..I know we got what we wanted..people started to notice us..we got a lot of invitations..shows are everywhere..but still..sigh..I don't know why, but I had this feeling that Synchro 12 will not last long..n I still pray that is not my brothers n sisters, if any of you read this, please be humble wherever you are..stay together no matter what kind of problems you are having by that time..listen to your manager..I'll always pray that you guys will stay together forever..really5 luv u guys..


Mizah Adam said...

aminn... lov u too!!