Tuesday, March 2, 2010

~cinta sempurna~

Aku manusia lemah
Selalu terjatuh
Berbeza aku darimu
Kau berdiri teguh
Aku serba tiada
Aku kekurangan
Dan bila kau tiba, aku hilang dari kewujudan
Sempurnanya sifatmu
Tulusnya hatimu
Jujurnya niatmu
Tingginya kesabaranmu
Lepaskanlah diriku
Kerna aku tak mampu menanggung sebuah cinta sempurna
Bukan aku tak pernah mengerti dirimu
Ku sanjung setiap kata cinta kau berikan aku
Hilangkan rasa itu
Akhirkan semua
Dan bila kau sedar, aku hilang dari kewujudan..

This song is dedicated to my best friend.The one that I love most.The one that always be with me.The one that had gone through a lot of tough things in life.The one that teach me how to be so beautiful n believe in myself.The one that knew me n always know me lot5 more than anyone does.The one that accept me as whoever I am.The one that I couldn't bear 2 live without.The one that means everything to me..

We always got da same problems..well, might not be at the same time, but yup..things always goes up and down around us..n yup..we always support each other..she's like a sister to me..after 6 years..we've gone through a lot..fighting..laughing..crying..everything..from 4 people..3..n lastly we both stay 2gether..I once thought our friendship will not last diz long..I thought that stupid incident will tear us apart forever..but thank u ALLAH coz we r not..well, there r no relationship without problems, aite?

Our love life is not as good as others..maybe we r 2 complicated because we r 2 beautiful for guys..hahah! sound so into ourselves eyh?? ;p but still, da fact is we r beautiful in our own way..n nope..we r not 2 complicated 2 understand..if u know how to handle us with care, then u'll get more than wut u give..i dnt knw y guys will walk away as easy as they came 2 they rly think that we r just some beautiful dolls to be played with??dnt they know that we still got hearts full with pure feelings??yeah..myb they just dnt knw how strong we strong the friendship bonding btwn us to support each other when things r wrong..n how beautiful we can be..

My dear sweet girlfriend..
Be strong n dont cry..dont be so stupid for those stupid guys that dont know how to appreciate us..sit up straight, smile n always remind urself that u r 2 beautiful to fall over stupid guys like 'em..i'll always be here 4 u..luv u sis..always..mmuuahh!! :)

p/s: diz entry is also as a reminder to myself..n to those 2 muhammad that hurt us..rly hope diz 2 muhammad know that how bad they hurt us, n how many times we said we wanna end up everything n walk away, we still love 'em from the bottom of our broken hearts..


bom bom said...

those 2 muhammad :)

Mizah Adam said...

poyo gler kan paragraph num 2 tu kan.. haha~

adeqmanje said...

fetty: yeah..they got the same spelling..huu..

mizah: kenyataan mmg pahit utk ditelan.. ;p