Saturday, August 21, 2010

~friends vs enemies~


I am currently at shah alam with my beloved sister (well, we were born in da same year, but she's 1st..hehe..) and her fwens..We were having fun yesterday (well, I wasnt rly having fun coz i was not feeling well, but still, it was fun 2 feel so welcomed by a bunch of fwens who knew u 4 just a few hours), having dinner together, watching movies, chit-chatting bout all those old histories of school (it is a history since everything happened almost 10 years ago), and shopping..lots of laughters and a bit of tears rly touched my friendship bond is so strong, it still tough even though it's been 10 years now..n how the happiness is still there even though they havent seeing each other for years..

But, when it's time to share all da old histories, it will be full of surprises..u will hear about smthng that u dont expect to hear, will know smthng that u dont expect to know..n myb that 'smthng' will hurt u..well, truth is not always nice to know, isnt it? that's how u know ur fwens..some might say, "'s 10 years already..come on..just forget it.."'s easy for them to say, but it's not easy for us to let everything go just like that, especially when it's the thing that hurt u the most..but fwens are still fwens..aite?we'll be a bit hypocrite..still smiling even though we feel like crying..n that's how u know ur true fwen..just hope u didnt blind 2 see them..

Whatever it is, if u r a true fwens, u'll accept ur fwen the way they are..there is always hard time in any's up 2 u whether to hold the revenge inside u, or just let it go n forgive..the true happiness will come for whatever u had decide..because it's u who make the decision..just as my sister and I who decide 2 forgive each other n still close until today..n we rly hope 2 still have each other till the end of time..thank you sis.. :)