Wednesday, March 11, 2009

~english in science and mathematics~

Thank you so much for the responds on the previous article. To my new friend, it's very nice to know you. Thanks for dropping by at my page yesterday..

Last 3 days, I keep buying newspapers because of the 'english in science and mathematics' issue, or the simplest way to say it in malay is 'PPSMI'. Well, it doesn't mean that I don't like to read newspapers before, but I rarely bought it because I'd rather to read it online. So, back to the topic, why do we need to stop teaching and learning science and mathematics in english? It's good, since english is really important in global world now. There's no such thing as forgetting our mother tounge, or it's hard for the students in the rural area to understand those two subjects. This process starts from standard one, which means they start to learn them from the basics. If we want to stop using english in science and mathematics, why don't we stop teaching english subject as well? Still, the students in the rural area are hard to understand the english subject, right? Look, if they stop from learning science and mathematics in english now, later in the university, they still need to learn those subjects in english, unless their parents don't even think about sending their children to the university. Those people who involved in the demonstration against this issue, they actually need to think out of the box, or else Malaysia and some of the Malaysians will always being left behind..