Thursday, March 5, 2009

~a great friendship~

Today I feel a lot better than previous days. I finally know things that I want and I should do. About my problems, I'll just let it go and try to find the solution step by step. I had arranged everything from the most important to the least one. I finally found my true self again. I'd really like to thanks my new friends. They made me think about my future. I know I should transform myself to a new person.. Totally new.. Hope to get more supports..

Watching this film and the TV series give a lot of values, especially in friendship. I love the bond of friendship that they had. Even though their lives are full of secrets and problems, they still can have fun by being together, spending time studying together, and hanging out together. I missed my old friends. We were supposed to be in a group of four, but now only the 2 of us left. I always wonder why we can't get along until now. But, after I watched this movie, I know that things changed as the time goes by. Everyone will change, including ourselves. So, I will just keep the memory in my mind, and go on with my own life as I need to. For my one and only best friend, if you are reading this, thanks a lot for still being my best friend. You are the best friend I've ever known. Thank you so much.. Love you..

Sweet memories are hard to forget.. So do the friendship.. Everyone makes mistakes, and they keep making mistakes as long as they still alive.. So, just forgive and forget.. You will get the benefits and feel relief.. Trust me.. :)