Tuesday, March 10, 2009

~a love~

I'm going to stop posting about the friendship's poem for a while, since I have a lot of things to share with you guys about love and a bit about friendship as well..

What is love? Nobody can guess the real meaning of love. It depends on the individual to define love. For me, personally, I think love is such a beautiful free gift from ALLAH, or maybe I can say GOD, to each of us to enjoy. We should share the love with everyone, at anywhere, in anytime. Since it is a gift from HIM, we shouldn't waste it just like that. We should feel the love and sense the beauty of love. But in a certain situations, people keep thinking that love is just a four-letter-words for emotional blackmailed. It's not Love's fault, but it is about our heart actually. Sometimes we do think why some people need to separate, means not being together anymore. When we fall in love, we are the one who should control ourselves and our feelings. Once we are in love, it doesn't mean that we need to forget about everything else and just concentrate on our love. As long as we are not in a marriage, we cannot think that our partners are the right person for us. They can be anyone, maybe someone we knew, we'd met, or maybe someone who suddenly comes in our lives. Everything had been destined by HIM. We don't even know what will happen next. The most important thing is, we need to love ourselves more than we love anyone else, because once we love ourselves, others can sense the love and they will love you. Be grateful of who you are and what you have.

Who is a best friend? We can keep calling people 'my friend', but not every friends are best friends, since not every friends will stay when it comes to the tough situations, will lend their shoulders to cry on, and will be sincere with us. Best friend should be the one who can be with us anytime, be sincere in anything, and appreciate a friendship so much. I'd met a lot of people before, and I considered everyone as my friends. But when I had problems, or feel lonely, or even sad, just a few of them will really care and show their efforts to help. Sometimes I feel a bit disappointed to know that kind of people, but I try to take the lessons on a positive way. Maybe HE just want to show me that I can't trust people easily. I'd learn to be a forgiving person, and I still love to help everyone as much as I can. We need to be sincere with everyone we know, but still, we need to be careful from being cheated or stabbed at the back.

Too much works to do. Sometimes I wish I can take a break and go for holidays.. So tired!


joegrimjow said...

make lot frens=happy 4ever

adeqmanje said...

not really..
sometimes friends make us sad 2..
anyway, it's good 2 have a lot of friends,especially the true one..
aite? :)

shahrin yusof said...

so choose wisely =D

adeqmanje said...

dat's rite..
choose wisely..
some people do say that, if u wanna know bout someone,u may know from his/her friends..
if our friends are bad,then people will think that we're bad 2..
so,beware k..