Friday, December 18, 2009

~Flight of the geese~

Hey guys..4 diz entry, i don't wanna talk so much, since i'm not feeling well..just going to share those pics with u..n da lessons that we can get from those pics..4 da 1st lesson, doing something as a team, sharing the same direction, and helping each other will make the accomplishments greater, quicker and easier..

By getting in the same tune and be unite with everyone in the group, the efforts needed to complete the task will be less. It will be easier to reach the goals, since everyone will be inclined to accept and give help..

Lesson 3, we need to have the mutual respect with each and every members of the group. We have to share all the responsibilities, gather all the abilities, and combine the faculties, talents and resource..

Courage and encouragement always help to motivate and strengthen the group members, which produce the best of benefits for the group. When there is encouragement, the progress will be greater..

No matter what happens, especially in the difficult times and great challenges, we have to stay beside each other and never to leave the, as the conclusion,

If we bond together and support each other..
If we have the spirit of teamwork regardless of our difference..
If we understand the real value of friendship..
If we are aware of the feeling of sharing..

LiFe WiLL Be MoRe EaSiEr AnD tHe PaSsInG oF yEaRs WiLL Be MoRe FuLfiLLiNg..

p/s: sorry if the entry is too simple from the others..I'm not rly in a good health..sorry once again.. :'(