Sunday, December 20, 2009

~which one are we?~


Hye guys..sorry bout yesterday..I didn't post any entry for you..I was a bit tired..I went to City Square JB to watch The Storm Warriors..well, quite nice but quite bored at the same time..maybe that's because I don't like to watch Chinese, since I didn't write anything yesterday, I've decided to post this entry earlier than usual..

Wanna do some experiments with me?hurm..if u wanna have fun n learn something, let's put 3 pots with water over the fire. In the first pot, put some carrots. In the second pot, put some eggs. In the third pot, put some coffee powder. Boil all three pots for 15 minutes. Then, take out what u put in make a comparison..

Have u done?What happened to the carrots, eggs, and coffee powder? Yup, you're right.. The carrots went in hard, but taken out soft. The eggs went in soft inside, but taken out hard inside. What about the coffee powder? Yes, it was disappeared, but the water has the colour n the wonderful smell of coffee..Did u get the same results as mine?

Now, let's think about life..I guess almost every people in our age n above know that sometimes life can be so hard. Things don't happen as we wish, people don't treat us like we hope, n we worked very hard but getting few results..It's is not always easy n comfortable..there will be lots and lots of difficulties through time..the question is not how you feel bout the difficulties, but how actually did u react to those difficulties?

Some of us will think that we are strong enough to face all the difficulties, but turn out to be very tired, losing hope and finally give up.there will be no more fighting spirit in the end..

Some of us are soft-hearted n so kind at the first place, but when the difficulties take place, we turn out to hate ourselves n others, n become hard-hearted.there will be no more warm feeling.the only thing left is bitterness..

Some of us will make something good n learn new things from the difficulties.we grow during those hard times, n make the world around us better.there will be a lot of experiences that will make us stronger, tougher n better..

Now let's relate everything with the carrots, the eggs, and the coffee powder..

So, which groups are we in???
Think and judge by yourself..