Thursday, November 18, 2010

~cinta baru~


Know what?it's true, when you be patient in life, you will get what you wnt, sooner or love?yup..of course..eiduladha just gone..and maybe still happen for those who still at home celebrating with the exam papers..finally!whew~

Last 2 days, i'm decided to make a change..yup..a sacrifice..sometimes things that we want are not good enough for us..and i'm thinking the same way..i've decided to sacrifice my love..yup..2 beloved mr. muhammad..i guess he's happy with his life now..and maybe he's happy with her..i still miss him, that's for sure..but his happiness is more important than let life be the way HE want it to be..i'm following the flow..and as for now, it's flowing smoothly..alhamdulillah..i'm so grateful being in HIS love.. :)

Oh.not to forget.I'm sure you guys have ever heard about something called 'cinta monyet' or puppy love, aite?maybe you had one before..or maybe more than one..i got's so beautiful..falling in love when you are still a's cute..but it's not success..we broke up because we were not too matured by that time..but i never thought it will come's coming i'm speechless when he told me bout that..he's waiting for me for such a long time..don't know what decision to make..when i think bout that, i realize that the feelings for him is still here in my heart..not as much as what i have for my beloved mr. muhammad of course..but i can still remember the moments..oh..don't know what is going to happen later..but for now,yup..i'm happy for both of us.. :)

Got a phone call this morning..another new!customer care consultant..awww!sounds suitable for me, isn't it? ;) i'll go for the interview next week..nervous!huhu..wish me luck dear friends..really hope i can start my career in this meantime..for my love..everything..everyone.. :)

Love..something you can always give..but don't hope for rewards..because it's about how sincere you are in giving love..xoxo! :)



congrates... wat ang terbaik untuk interview. moga sukses. dalam segala hal cinta.. huh

KayRole KaiXa IskanDar said...

gud luck,kak su!!!give all u got n hope u do well in ur interview

adeqmanje said...

tq guys..for the support..nervous!huhu..